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Visitor Guidelines

Fathers & significant others may visit
you and your baby 24/7. Public visiting
hours are from noon until 8:00 pm.
Of course, exceptions are made as

Comfortable Surroundings

Our maternity suites are beautiful
and comfortable. Learn more & tour


We offer outpatient lactation services
to mothers to help them learn
breastfeeding techniques.
Learn more

You and Your Baby's Safety &

Our maternity care suites have
advanced security features to ensure
you and your baby's safety. Learn more

Kathi Gailey

Kathi Gailey, RN
"It's exciting every time
a baby is born just to
have that new life in
your hand."
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Families talk about their experiences...
Ansley Family Melisa & Marc,
"They definitely make
sure you're comfortable
taking care of your baby
before you leave."
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Reiter Family Jennifer & Keith,
"They made it a good
experience. It could've
been absolutely horrible."
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Diane Gorka Diane Gorka,
"We're here 24
hours a day, 7 days
a week to help
them get off to a
good start."

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Virtual tour
Our caring staff Safety and security for your baby

Our Maternity Care Suites make our mothers and their families more comfortable-

Family Waiting Areas:
Our spacious and quiet Family Waiting Areas offer comfortable seating, televisions, play areas and free coffee. Most importantly, family members and friends are kept informed of the status of mothers and babies.    

Amenities Include
Direct room service for meals and a wide variety of food choices are available as requested.  Fathers & significant others can order a meal at a low cost.

Free Internet Services:
Parents are welcome to bring their own laptops to communicate with their family and friends. 

Military Web Cam Services:
Conemaugh’s IT Department currently coordinates with the military to offer web cam services so that fathers/significant others can be “live” for the birth of their baby. This is a wonderful opportunity for mom and families.

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April Behory
Amy Bradley
April Behory, RNC, MSN
Director of Woman/Child Services
"Welcome to our 5th floor maternity
care suites. What I would like to do
is show you the measures we have
for safety and security here at
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Amy Bradley
Director of Public Affairs
"When it's time for mom and baby
to come home, it's really easy..."
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Mother and baby

Outpatient Lactation Services

Follow-up help is here for moms! We offer outpatient lactation services to moms and babies. For mothers experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding. Certified Lactation Consultants and Counselors offer specialized skills to make this
experience a successful and fulfilling time. Physician evaluation services are available. Return to top


Q. Can my support coach spend the night with me while in the hospital?
A. Yes, here at Conemaugh we encourage family centered care. This is your time to become comfortable with your baby, rest, and learn to care for yourself and your baby with staff support. Rollaway beds are available as needed. Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions

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